Upgrade your VB6/.Asp applications to the latest .Net technologies


Why consider a VB6 to Visual Basic .NET upgrade project?

  • To Web-enable the application , or enchance an existing Web-enabled application with ASP.NET features
  • To take advantage of the improvements in developer productivity
  • To consolidate your company's software assets
  • To reduce the cost of ongoing business activity
  • To improve the maintenance of an application
  • To ensure ongoing, official support


What are some of the common technical objectives for performing an upgrade?

  • Reducing risk
  • Adding new functionality
  • Achieving better perfomance and scalability
  • Accelerating the development process
  • Consolidating to a single framework
  • Ease of deployment


What approaches are recommended to upgrade a Desktop/Web application?

  • Vertical upgrade : isolate and replace a piece of your application through all n-tiers
  • Horizontal upgrade: replace an entire tier of your application


What are the main advantages of upgrading ASP pages to ASP.NET?

  • Increased perfomance
  • Increased stability
  • Increased developer productivity



Upgrade activities :

The upgrade project should include the following activities:

  • Application analysis
  • Assesing current and target architecture
  • Analyzing and designing new functionality
  • Selecting an upgrade strategy
  • Preparing the source code
  • Preparing to handle upgrade issues
  • Unit testing
  • Validating functional equivalence and acceptance
  • Implementing and testing new functionality
  • Deploying the Visual Basic .Net application